Our Skin Partners

Brands We Trust

Eminence Organics Skincare. Budapest, Hungary.
“Since our inception in 1958, we have been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic products.” – Boldijarre, President. Our products are free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. Visit here:

Idun Minerals. Stockholm, Sweden.
Founded on the International Women’s Day 2011. Our product development is in consultation with Swedish researchers and dermatologists who together create the unique composition of caring ingredients which is present in all of our products. The products contain only ingredients that protect and nourish, hence they are suitable to even fit the most sensitive skin. Visit here:

Integrative Partners

Professionals We Work With


Greg Monzel. Clinical Herbalist.
Wild Persimmon School of Wellness is a small family owned yoga studio and herb school founded in 2015 by “tree hugging power couple” Greg Monzel and Colleen Donahoe, both of whom are experienced gardeners, naturalists, and educators. Nestled between Irvington and Beech Grove and surrounded by farms, students enjoy the views and sounds of the country without the commute. We offer classes on the art and medicine of yoga, meditation, permaculture, and botanical medicine making as a way of building culture and community in our beloved hometown.

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Dr. Leanne Schlueter. Doctor of Chiropractic.
Living much of her youth as a sick child, Dr. Leanne Schlueter has overcome many obstacles in order to find the true meaning of health. Because of her trials as a youth, she sought out her dream of becoming a doctor to help others. Dr. Schlueter graduated from Augustana College with both Pre-Medicine and Biology degrees in 2007, but knew that traditional medicine wasn’t her calling. It is then that she found Palmer College of Chiropractic. By a leap of faith, she applied and was rewarded with an acceptance letter to start her journey of becoming a doctor of chiropractic. During her studies at Palmer School of Chiropractic, she stumbled upon Max Living and it’s embodiment of real health. She found her passion among the programs offered through Max Living, and knew that this was the true meaning of healthy living. Through Max Living, Dr. Schlueter was able to train with the top doctors in the country, and was able to travel to the Rio Olympics and work with our team USA athletes. She opened her practice, Greenwood Family Chiropractic, and has been changing lives ever since. By seeing multiple transformational testimonies of health, Dr. Schlueter is keeping her passion alive for families all around Greenwood.

family care medicine

Dr. Yousef Mohammadi, MD. Family Medicine.
Dr. Yousef Mohammadi is passionate about nutrition and integrative medicine, an evidence based practice that treats the whole person and utilizes multiple therapeutic modalities for healing. He has additional interest in sports medicine and is concussion management certified. He practices full spectrum outpatient family medicine and serves as a MedCheck provider. In his free time, Dr. Mohammadi is active in soccer, swimming and scuba diving. He also enjoys live music, cooking, traveling and ballroom dancing.


Adriane Villegas. Healing Touch Practitioner.
My name is Adriane Villegas. I began studying Healing Touch in 2008 and became a Energy Practitioner in 2012. Healing Touch Energy Work has made a profound difference in my life. It has changed how I perceive stress; it has made my relationships healthier and given me a greater sense of my own personal power and life’s purpose.

Healing Touch aids in clearing the body’s energetic bio-field and negative thought patterns. It also assists in boosting energy levels, and the immune system naturally. Most of my clients say that they have a new sense of their capacity, and their capabilities. My clients are able to receive deep revitalizing rest that many struggle to achieve on their own. Healing Touch also assists in resetting sleep patterns, and restructures the cognitive function, changing behaviors associated with stress and trauma, and allows the client to feel clear and fully present to their life with plenty of energy.

Other ways that I am assisting “The Shift” in others are through teaching an Intro to Empath course, and an Intro to Energy Work course. I myself am an evolving Intuitive. I began as an Empath, making a mess of my life, but, I have been able to gracefully grow into a Medical Intuitive, and also a Channel of Divine Energies, otherwise known as an Oracle. I also read Chakra Tarot, with the addition of Angelic advice to assist clients who are unable to get on my table. I have many Intuitive abilities and I continue to grow everyday. I am a Healer in everything I do; Feeding my family, working with the Behavioral Special Needs children at work, and being out in my community, my Healer Energy just comes through in everything I do.


Dr. Katelin Parkinson, Naturopathic Doctor

An expert in holistic healthcare; medically trained and naturally focused. Katelin’s approach as a ND incorporates evidence-based functional medicine with traditional and holistic approaches to care. She has a special passion for women’s health and has pursued additional training as a fertility awareness based method educator. She is passionate about proactive preventative wellness and believes that integrative healthcare is the future. It is important to her that the women she works with feel involved, educated, and empowered with regards to their health and wellness goals. She utilizes a multitude of naturopathic modalities in her wellness practice, helping women with a variety of health concerns including hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, thyroid concerns, digestive health, stress management, mental health, skin heath, aging gracefully, sleep issues, fertility and pregnancy care. In addition, she teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles to monitor reproductive health and fertility. Originally from Toronto, Canada she has been working in Indianapolis since moving to Indiana with her Husband, cat and dog. She feels most herself either in the kitchen, walking outside, or spending time at her lake house in northern Ontario.

Joelle Samples, Reproductive Health & Wellness Coach

YinRoot is a holistic health and bodywork practice based out of Noblesville, Indiana, that specializes in female reproductive health and fertility care. From puberty through perimenopause, Joelle helps to educate and empower young girls and women to embrace the beauty of their menstrual cycles. Whether you are experiencing abnormal or painful periods, pain with intercourse, fertility challenges, or you are simply looking for support as your young daughter enters puberty, Joelle is here to support and guide you on your health and wellness journey.


Danielle Ewing, Fabric Artist

A self-taught fiber artist residing in Zionsville, Indiana.  As a registered nurse by training, Danielle never considered herself an artist.  Two years ago she was looking for a creative outlet as a way to quiet her mind after a busy day managing clinics and chasing her two small children.  She discovered the ancient art of weaving, creating her first woven piece utilizing a picture frame as a loom.  Immediately she realized she found her new passion.  Danielle’s main technique is frame loom weaving, with experience in macramé, floor loom weaving, spinning and dyeing.  When Danielle sits at her loom, she rarely knows the outcome of the piece.  Instead she lets the fibers and weaving process guide the design.  Danielle participates in many juried art events, as well as commissioned art pieces.  Danielle’s reverence for nature and the vibrant joy of her children’s spirits is the inspiration behind her art.