About Us

Materia Medica was created to help others heal from the inside out, using materials such as herbs, tinctures, infusions and a variety of skincare blends that are unique to each individual. We believe that keeping our bodies healthy is an expression of gratitude and by supporting local farms, ensuring our herbs and oils are organic, fair trade and non-GMO, allow us to spread that gratitude throughout our community.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our products and services are tailored to your unique self. We take a bio-individual approach by getting to know about your health, life, emotions, stress, diet and more so we have a complete understanding of how our products and services will benefit you. Education is vital to what we do, so we further our studies at least once a month by taking classes or participating in conferences around the United States. We feel grateful being able to share our gifts and educate our community on how to age gracefully without the use of toxic chemicals.

Meet The Owners

A Little About Us

Sara Redmon

Owner. Licensed Esthetician. Bachelor of Science in Psychology – UIndy. Beauty Herbalist.

Hello! I’m Sara Redmon, one of the owners of Materia Medica. I frequently ask my clients about their journey to awareness or the moment that lead them to caring about their health and skin. So, here is a short version of my journey and why I decided to challenge the standard of health and beauty. Before I began my holistic journey, about 8 years ago, I had been working in healthcare. I have always had a calling to help people, so healthcare was a place to start. After working for 4 years, I began to feel that I wasn’t truly helping people. I was caring for them, but not improving their lives in any way.

So my journey began for a more fulfilling way to help others and I was lead to skincare. I had terrible skin as a teenager and tried managing my struggles through dermatology, but found no answers but medication. I began my esthetics training at Empire Beauty School in 2012 and fell in love with my skin for the first time! I knew I had to spread the new love I had for myself to help others with their skin struggles. I met Karen Burr at Studio 135 Salon and Spa and immediately knew I had found someone who understood the link between health and skin to help me in my journey. Time passed, our friendship strengthened and we began walking the same holistic path in our lives and with our clients. Our curiosity for herbs and always wanting to be different lead us to create Materia Medica Herbal Blending Bar together. Now we create and educate about alternative, less toxic approaches to skin health and encourage others to fall in love with their skin through nature.

Karen Lynn Burr

Owner. Licensed Esthetician. Vitalist Health Coach. Herbalist.

Karen loves to guide her clients with a mind, body, and spirit approach into a healthier lifestyle. While creating change, she can help you arrive at the root cause of your acne, psoriasis, eczema, and hormonal imbalances. Your skin mirrors your internal health.